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Amish Made Lazy Susan, Hand-woven Rattan Reed & Sea Grass with Red Accent, Smooth Swivel, Care-N-Share Artisan Made from Holmes County, Ohio


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    Embrace the rustic charm and artisanal craftsmanship of the Amish community with our beautifully hand-woven Lazy Susan. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted by physically disabled artisans from Care-N-Share, a remarkable organization based in Holmes County, Ohio.

    Our Lazy Susan is woven from durable Rattan Reed and Sea Grass, lending a naturally warm and inviting aesthetic to your space. The resilient plywood base provides stability and longevity. A touch of elegance is added with a charming red accent, making each piece truly unique.

    Complete with a smooth swivel, this Lazy Susan is as functional as it is attractive, perfect for serving and display purposes in your kitchen or dining room.

    The Lazy Susan features a robust structure, woven from Rattan Reed and Sea Grass, ensuring durability. The plywood base enhances its longevity. A captivating red accent ties the piece together, while the smooth swivel mechanism ensures seamless operation.

    Care and Cleaning:
    To maintain its pristine condition, we recommend gently wiping your Lazy Susan with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid excessive moisture and direct sunlight exposure.


    What materials are used in the construction?
    The Lazy Susan is woven from Rattan Reed, Sea Grass, and features a plywood base. It's finished with a charming red accent and a smooth swivel mechanism.
    Who makes these products?
    These products are handcrafted by physically disabled artisans from Care-N-Share, an organization based in Holmes County, Ohio.
    We provide free shipping throughout the United States. We prioritize safe and efficient delivery, using eco-friendly, mostly compostable packaging materials.

    Business Information:
    Amish Goods Direct LLC takes pride in sourcing unique, handcrafted items directly from Amish artisans. We champion authenticity, craftsmanship, and community support. With every purchase, we plant a tree, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. Join us in supporting traditional craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.